Member Services

Associateship is the first level of membership. People are eligible for election by Council if they have:

  • completed all the examinations successfully.
  • attained at least 21 years of age.
  • had qualifying service with an organization. This requirement is one of practical experience and is as fundamental a requirement for membership as is the completion of the examinations. The normal period of service required is six years.
  • provided evidence of employment details and evidence of personal good character in the form prescribed by the Institute.

Fellowship is the senior grade of membership. People are eligible for election by the Council if they:

  • have attained at least 25 years of age.
  • have eight years qualifying service.
  • hold (and have held for at least three years) an administrative or executive post of a status equal to that of a secretary (whether or not called by that title) in a substantial organization.
  • have been Associate members for a period of at least two years (requirement may be reduced at the discretion of Council).

Graduates of the Institute are persons who have completed the examinations successfully but have not completed the required period of qualifying service. A Graduate cannot describe himself or herself as a Chartered Secretary, but may use the designated letters GRAD ICSA. He or she can enjoy all the practical advantages of membership excluding the right to vote.